Rise of Empire…its not a Kingdom thing. 


Paul Bedford

I have seen the movie! Rise of Empire. In my mind I have stood my ground and fought for all that is right and good in the interest of the people against the tyrant. A small, but united army of brave Greeks overcoming their differences in order to overcome their powerful enemy (I don’t mean now and the EU). The very model of the power to be found in humility and unity. The power of ‘preferring the other’ over self promotion and public recognition. The establishment of kingdom. “THIS IS SPARTA”… actually this Barnsley and right now I’m sat in the Asda cafe writing a blog… I can dream, I can build an empire in my mind! I can order another latte…

The film set my mind to work and being a creative type I began to extrapolate. Over the past few weeks I have been struck by the creeping…

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